Rooted in Culture and Sustainability

Honoring the earth through plant based and handmade techniques

All our products are naturally dyed with plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and spices

We're adamant about the exclusive use of botanical, organic, or recycled materials in all our products. Our dye techniques are rooted in Mayan Traditions and ensure that our products are made as sustainably as possible.

Creation Process

Committed to Intentional Production

Always Handwoven


All of our products are handmade using a combination of traditional indigenous techniques including back-strap and foot-loom weaving. By utilizing these production methods, we are contributing to the preservation of the weaving culture in Latin America and are creating a higher standard for quality in the fashion industry.



On average, artisans spend two weeks to a month to weave fabrics using their looms. This meticulous process results in incredibly soft and durable textures for all our products.

We co-design products with artisans to ensure that their cultural symbols and textiles are used properly and in the proper context. Through our work, we are able to ensure the cultural survival of many indigenous textiles and motifs.


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