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1PC 50g Lace Yarn 100% Cotton Yarn 2.5mm Crochet Knitting Yarn


1Pc 100g Cotton yarn for hand knitting

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1Pc 100g Crocheting Arcylic Yarn For hand knitting


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Dive into the world of DIY crafts and harness the potential of this fabulous 1Pc 100g 200M Acrylic Yarn. Luxuriously soft and surprisingly affordable, it mimics the sumptuous feel of cashmere, allowing you to fashion creations that are as delightful to touch as they are visually striking. Its generous length provides ample opportunity for creativity, whether you are hand knitting, crocheting, or experimenting with other hand-making techniques.

This yarn is not just about the outstanding quality and feel; it’s also about ease of use. Easy to care for and machine washable, it maintains its color and softness over time, ensuring that your handmade threads will stand the test of time.

Jumpstart your next project with this exceptional hand knitting and crocheting companion — ideal for creating heirloom-quality crafts, stylish accessories, or exciting home decor accents. Indulge in the enchantment of hand-making with our Arcylic Yarn that marries functionality with a dash of DIY elegance.

Product Details:

  • Material: Crafted entirely from high-quality, 100% Acrylic fibers, this yarn offers the resilience and ease of care synonymous with synthetic materials, while still providing a touch that rivals natural fibers in softness.
  • Weight and Length: Each purchase delivers a generous 100 grams and 200 meters of yarn, enough to spark your imagination and realize a multitude of knitting or crocheting projects.
  • Stick Needle Size: For knitting enthusiasts, we recommend using stick needles sized between 5.0-6.0mm to achieve the ideal tension and texture in your crafted pieces.
  • Crochet Hook Size: For those who prefer crocheting, a 4.5mm hook size is best suited to this yarn, creating delicate stitches and ensuring a consistent handwork experience.
  • Yarn Count: Though the yarn count is just a reference, it provides a baseline to estimate the quantity required for common items. Expect to use approximately 3 to 5 pieces for a hat and 6 to 8 pieces for a standard-sized coat.
  • Type: Though listed as a Cotton Blended Yarn, this product is purely composed of acrylic material, ensuring uniform quality and consistency throughout.
  • Yarn Type: The combed process makes each strand of this yarn incredibly smooth and increases its workability for intricate patterns and stitches.

Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a beginner, this yarn is a wonderful choice for a variety of projects. Its chunkiness makes it a rapid and satisfying yarn to work with, while its softness makes it ideal for all types of items, from cozy hats and scarves to warm garments.

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1 milk white, 10 nuan hui, 11 dark gray, 12 dark blue, 13 black, 14 light gray, 15 chicken yellow, 16 jian zi, 17 light blue, 18 qi lv, 19 orange red, 2 light pink, 20 cowboy blue, 21 smooky gray, 22 water blue, 23 qing se, 24 jiang qing, 25 jin dian lan, 26 hu po, 27 light yellow, 28 qiu sui lv, 29 shan hu hong, 3 dark pink, 30 shen qing, 31 kong lan, 32 ju se, 33 ding xian, 34 ying feng, 35 zi yuan, 36 white, 37 watermelon red, 38 qiu xian lv, 39 rose red, 4 red, 40 er hong, 5 luo ma hong, 6 fall yellow, 7 bean green, 8 beige tan, 9 dark coffee, Random Color


100% Acrylic


Cotton Blended Yarn

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