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3 Pcs/Lot 100% Organic Cotton Yarn Best Yarn for Crochet


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Embrace Nature’s Softness with 100% Organic Cotton Yarn: Your Go-To for Crochet and Knitting

Dive into the world of sustainable crafting with our 100% Organic Cotton Yarn, designed specifically for those who value environmental friendliness as much as they cherish quality in their handcrafted projects. As the best yarn for crochet and a fantastic choice for knitting, this cotton organic yarn caters to all your crafting needs, providing not just the softness and strength you desire but also the peace of mind that comes with using eco-friendly materials.

Product Highlights:

  • Content: 100% Organic Cotton Yarn 3Pcs/Lot, free from toxic substances, pesticides, and insecticides
  • Yarn Type: Carded and Cotton Blended Yarn with a remarkable twist for ultimate softness and durability
  • Weight & Length: Each skein weighs 50g (1.76 oz) and measures approximately 125m (136 yards)
  • Yarn Count: 10s, making it perfect for 10 ply / sport / baby knitting and crochet projects
  • Recommended Needle Size: 3.00 mm, ideal for creating tight, intricate patterns or cozy, loose-knit textures
  • Knitting Tension: 10 x 10 cm = 25 sts x 33 rows, ensuring uniformity and precision in every craft
  • Wash & Care: Machine washable on a gentle cycle at 30°C / Dry Flat, offering ease of maintenance without compromising the yarn’s integrity

Versatile and Eco-Friendly Crafting Companion:

This organic cotton yarn is your ally for creating everything from adult and baby sweaters to gloves, scarves, hats, summer wear, accessories, and enchanting crochet toys. Its high tenacity and ring-spun technology ensure durability and resistance, making it suitable for everyday use, including children’s clothing, which demands frequent washing. Given its machine-washable nature, maintaining the freshness and appearance of your creations has never been easier.

Grown in certified organic fields, the cotton used in this yarn is nurtured without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring that each strand not only feels good in your hands but also does good for the earth. It embodies our commitment to sustainable practices and our promise to deliver products that are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin.

Why Choose Our Organic Cotton Yarn?

Choosing our Organic Cotton Yarn means opting for a product that delivers on three fronts – unmatched softness, unwavering quality, and undoubted sustainability. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting, this yarn provides the perfect blend of ease and performance. It’s not just the best yarn for crochet and knitting; it’s a testament to how responsible choices can lead to beautiful creations.

Transform your crocheting and knitting projects with our Organic Cotton Yarn, where every stitch contributes to a healthier planet. Let your creativity bloom with the assurance that your craft is as eco-friendly as it is exquisite.


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125m (136yards)

Product Type

Organic Yarn

Yarn Count









Hand Knitting

Set Type



High Tenacity


Ring Spun


100% Organic Cotton


Cotton Blended Yarn

Yarn Type



50g (1.76oz)


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