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Moon Star Round Handmade Dream Catcher Macrame Wall Hanging


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Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones? Do you want to decorate your home with a beautiful and spiritual piece of art? If so, you will love this Moon Star Round Handmade Dream Catcher Macrame Wall Hanging. This wall hanging is a handmade dream catcher, a traditional Native American symbol that is believed to filter out bad dreams and let only good ones pass through. It features a round metal ring with a woven web in the center, decorated with a moon and a star pendant, and adorned with soft feathers and tassels. The wall hanging is made from natural cotton, metal, and feathers, creating a bohemian and rustic style. The wall hanging has a neutral color palette of beige and white, which can match any interior setting.

This wall hanging is perfect for any room, such as the living room, bedroom, nursery, or office. You can hang it on the wall, above the bed, or near the window, and enjoy its beauty and charm. You can also use it as a gift for your friends and family who love art and culture. This wall hanging will not only add a touch of elegance and grace to your home, but also bring you peace and good luck. According to the Native American Indians, dream catchers catch negative dreams in their web-like structure and hold them until daylight when the sunlight hits them at dawn, the negative energy caught in the web is destroyed. There is a round hole in the middle of the net. It is said that only a good dream can pass through the hole and stay behind the feathers, but the nightmare will be trapped in the net and disappear with the sunshine of the next day. This way, you can sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed and happy.

You can buy this wall hanging from the link below, and enjoy the beauty and quality of Moon Star Round Handmade Dream Catcher Macrame Wall Hanging Bohemian Home Feather Decor Girls Kids Nursery Ornament Art Gifts.

Product Specification

Product material: Cotton Electroplated coil

Product process:Handmade

Shape: Round ,Moon,Star,Heart

Size: As Picture show


How to use: If the leaves you receive are messy, you can use a comb and arrange them in the direction of the tassels

1Pcsx Dream catcher(according to your choice

Additional information


1.3 Leaves Star, 10.Star Moon tassels, 11.Moon, 12.Knitting net, 13.A leaf, 14.Three-leaf stick, 15.Dream Catcher, 16.5 leaves, 17.Round, 18.3 tassel, 19.Double rings, 2.3 Leaves moon, 20.3 Leaves weaving, 21.5 Leaves weaving, 22.4pc 15X60cm Beige, 23.1 star leavf, 24.4pc 15X60cm Green, 25.4pcs Purple, 26.Golden moon, 27.The butterfly, 28.Wood bead, 29.A semicircle, 3.the star and moon, 30.Round Netting, 31.Simulation Pearl, 32.New Moon, 33.Tassel, 34.Tassel tapestry, 35.Beige leaves, 36.Golden Sun, 4.The moon tassel, 5.The stars tassel, 6.2pcs Pink Red, 7.2pcs Beige, 8.Tassel, 9.2pcs Purple




New Classical/Post-modern Style


Textile & Fabric


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