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Moving Forward with Intentionality

Dear Woven Community,

It’s been a minute. This year has been the definition of crazy and we’ve been trying our best to learn from it and keep moving forward. After 3+ years in the fashion industry, we’ve learned a lot and have found our place in it.

With the popularity of fast fashion pushing industry standards from two seasons to fifty two micro-seasons, the pressure to keep up with trends and stay relevant is never-ending. As a brand, we aren’t immune to this pressure, but we refuse to break our values in order to grow. When thinking about the Tierra collection, we asked ourselves a very hard question: what are we willing to compromise on in order to grow? And the answer was nothing.

We’re not interested in filling up your closet with products you won’t use, so we’re honing in on intentional designs that play an active role in your everyday life. This approach may make our journey slower, but it will ensure the quality of our products is always high, the wellbeing of our artisans is never compromised, and our commitment to sustainability is never broken.

Our new direction will have one signature collection per year, with seasonal small batch accessories and pre-orders. This will ultimately eliminate waste and minimize upfront capital, allowing us to experiment with new designs and materials in the future.  


First up is our Tierra Collection, a collective of key accessories that can be used with any outfit for any occasion. We’ve tested these designs for ultimate comfort, durability, and use. Enjoy extra stretch and strength in our scrunchies and a one size fits all headband that won’t give you a headache. Our new Woven Hats are handcrafted by a family of multi-generational artisans and were designed to be used during every season. We’ve spent months working with our artisans conceptualizing and bringing these items to life, with you in mind. Through the Tierra Collection, we were able to continue our partnership with the Mayan Voices Cooperative, and support 30+ weavers in the process. We’re so excited to share this new collection and hope you love it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

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