Cleaning Your Woven Items

How to Care for Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are made to last. However, a few factors can affect how they maintain their vibrancy. The more sun exposure that a product has, the easier it will be for its color to fade. For optimal dye preservation, keep your items inside and avoid leaving them in the car or outside where the sun will shine on them for long periods of time. If you care for your items properly, they will last you a lifetime.

How to Wash 

Handwoven Cotton Pieces
  • Hand-wash on gentle or wash by hand 
  • Hang dry (do not dry in dryer)
  • Steam instead of ironing

Wool Pieces

  • Spot dry with a warm cloth and water 
  • Vacuum to remove dirt
  • *Do Not* wash in the washer or dryer as it will pull the fabric and distort the shape


  • Hand clean with a wet cloth to remove dust every 2-3 months

  • Use leather cleaner and toner (can be bought anywhere)