Our Story

Our mission is to preserve indigenous cultures through the ethical trading of artisan handicraft. We do this by directly partnering with artisan women in Guatemala to support them in economic initiatives. All our products are locally sourced, organically made, and support the women who make them.

Honest Partnerships

With a Guatemalan founder and team, we are able to build trustful partnerships with artisan’s best interest at heart. We know our artisans personally and work to open markets for them while empowering them in their trade.

Authentic Origins

We make authenticity a priority at Woven Futures. This means that all our items are dyed from naturally based materials and handcrafted through loom-strap weaving or hand-embroidery by artisans. Keeping our production as organic as possible gives artisans creative freedom and leads to unique pieces.

Powerful Purpose

The heart behind our mission is to empower and support women weavers in their trade. Our partnerships provides consistent income for artisans and helps them rise above poverty through their trade. We seek to develop these women’s potential and create sustainable impact in their lives.