Mint Jaspe Headband
Mint Jaspe Headband
Mint Jaspe Headband
Mint Jaspe Headband

Mint Jaspe Headband

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One of our best selling headbands, our Mint Jaspe Headband is officially now part of our Permanent Collection. 

Meet the headband that does it all. Dress it up or keep it casual with these classic headbands. Our Woven knotted headbands are ethically and sustainably made by talented weavers in Guatemala. Each headband is woven with organic cotton threads and dyed naturally with plants, herbs, and spices. 


  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable and flexible band
  • Made with organic hand-spun cotton
  • Woven on a back-strap loom
  • Crafted by women weavers in Guatemala
  • Dyed with coffee bean shells, coconut shell, indigo, flor de muerto flower (yellow flower)

Weaving Technique

Jaspe is a traditional Mayan weaving technique that incorporates a tie dye method where knots are spread throughout the threads to create a arrow like pattern with varying colors. This technique is very complex and takes hours and multiple artisans working at once. 

Creation Time

  • Dye Time: 75 hours 
  • Weaving Time: 66 hours 
  • Artisans Involved in the Process: 17

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