Papaya Woven Headband
Papaya Woven Headband

Papaya Woven Headband

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Our best selling headband in a bright and soft Papaya color. 

Made out of organic cotton, our headbands are perfect accessories for any occasion, season, and outfit. Each headband is woven by hand, dyed with plant-based dyes, and supports traditional weaving techniques in the highlands of Guatemala. 

Our Arena Headband is Inspired by the fertile grounds of Guatemala; this soft yellow creamy color honors abundance and growth Inspired by the fertile grounds of the country. 


  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable and flexible band
  • Made with organic hand-spun cotton
  • Woven on a back-strap loom
  • Crafted by women weavers in Guatemala
  • Dyed with curcumin and marigold 

Weaving Technique

Artisans spend weeks weaving vegetable dyed threads on a back-strap loom until they become intricate textile pieces that are used to create your headbands. This traditional technique incorporates spinning organic cotton into threads, dying threads with a dip dye techniques, and weaving textiles on a back-strap loom by hand.

Creation Time

  • Dye Time: 74 hours 
  • Weaving Time: 55 hours 
  • Artisans Involved in the Process: 17

*Due to COVID, our artisans have experienced an increase in material cost due to supply shortages-raising the price of our production and textile headbands*