Indigo Pillow Cover
Indigo Pillow Cover
Indigo Pillow Cover

Indigo Pillow Cover

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Our handwoven pillow covers are made by artisans in Guatemala using organic cotton and plant based dyes. This Atitlán Collection pays homage to the Maya Indigenous culture that has been weaving the Jaspe textile technique for generations. To create the arrow/stripe-like designs in the pillows, artisans tie the threads of cotton strategically and then soak them in plant based dyes. Once the threads are completed, artisans weave them on a foot-loom, resulting in these beautiful ikat designs. 


  • Made with organic hands-on cotton
  • Dyed with Indigo and the natural white cotton color
  • Back side is Indigo blue / front is Jaspe blue and white
  • Ethically & Sustainably Made 
  • Made in non-factory working conditions 


  • 20" X 20" Standard Size