Who We Are 

We partner with skilled artisans around the world to make bags & accessories that will elevate your everyday life while keeping the planet in mind.

Our supply chains focus on preserving indigenous weaving styles, using natural or recycled materials, and a handmade process to create the highest quality textile goods.

We’re here to make sustainable and mindful living simple, through something as simple as fashion. 

Our Story

We are a woman-owned and founded company based out of Florida & Guatemala. We began when our founder, Hannah met several artisans from her home country (Guate) who made some incredible pieces but struggled to sell them. On a mission to connect artisans to the fashion industry and to fight the toxic processes behind fast fashion, she began Woven. We now partner with over 60 artisans in Guatemala every year and have a line of sustainably made products that honor their makers. 


We believe business can be and should be a force for good. We're dedicating to creating a better world through exceptional products that positively impact the people wear them and make them.