Meet the Makers

Meet the makers behind our brand

The Voces Maya Cooperative (Mayan Voices) is a group of 30+ artisans, primarily women who specialize in natural dyes and back-strap loom weaving. Juana (pictured here) is the leader of the cooperative and is our main artisan partner. Together, we bring designs from conceptual ideas to complete products in a process that takes several months. With every purchase, 30+ weavers are employed from this cooperative. 

Weaving Process

Artisans primarily use the back-strap loom to create each piece and spend a week up to several months to finish a piece. This detailed process has been passed down for centuries in the Mayan Indigenous groups in Guatemala and results in high quality pieces that are truly unique.

Non-Factory Working Conditions

We support non-factory working conditions and collaborate with artisans to work from home at their own pace so that they can spend time with their children and families while also gaining a fair wage.


Woven artisans are paid 100% upfront for their creations and set their own prices for their work. We pay above the living wage and 2X or more traditional market prices. 

We make it a point to work with the same artisan groups consistently so that families have reliable income to build generational wealth. 

Financial Transparency

We function based off the one third rule for our pricing:

  • 1/3 of our price is represented in materials and labor 
  • 1/3 is represented in exporting/operational costs
  • 1/3 is represented as what we keep at Woven to reinvested into future collections and growth
Traditional retail markups are anywhere between 3X-10X the cost of goods. We have no hidden costs, just a thorough supply chain, ethical, and natural process that is represented in our pricing.