Tierra Collection Collaborators

The Tierra Collection is all about intentionality. From the design of our products to the way we want you to interact with them. Over the years, our community has grown organically through the shared love for sustainability and cultural preservation. We’ve been able to create meaningful connections with many of you, despite the limitations that come with being a young company. As we enter this new chapter, we wanted to focus on the growth of this community through collaborations. We started by scouting social media for like minded women who might have not heard of us before. Lucky for us, we found 22 incredible creatives who not only embody our values, but also inspire us to live more colorful and meaningful lives. Here’s a glimpse into this amazing group and what intentionality means to them:

Olivia Otero - @Vialiv

Being intentional to me means being mindful of the things I bring into my life. This goes for everything from material things, the media I consume, to the people I surround myself with. Asking myself why and does this really bring me joy and make ME feel good. I recently moved into a new apartment with not a lot of stuff and before I choose to buy anything I ask myself - Do I truly love this? Is this a want vs a need? And can I buy it secondhand instead? Instead of purchasing new, I'm trying to shop around on secondhand sites because there's already SO MUCH out there that could use a new home! :)

Arely Soriano @arelysoriano_

Being an intentional person means waking up every day with a goal. Whether it's small, long term, or short term. It means there is a fulfilling drive behind everything you do. I think we should all strive to be more intentional with our day to day lives. Specifically with the words we tell ourselves and each other. We can wake up every day and be intentional by having a purpose for our day or by simply giving gratitude for having the chance to live another day. It's important to be intentional because it allows us to be fully engaged and in total control of our lives and the way we make others feel.

Andrea Fernandez - @awkdrea

Being intentional is about taking a step back and acknowledging that every action you take has the power to affect others, and choosing to go with the actions that have positive effects.

Lauren Ferree - @re.laurenferree

Being intentional to me means being present, locked in to the current moment, not thinking or worrying about the past or future, and being so grateful of the present that it brings us joy and contentment. And because of that honor of the present, we create space to hear/see/acknowledge/be of service to others, and do all great things with so much love. Then, when we intentionally reflect, we can look back on those collections of times where we were 100% invested in the present, and see how it lead us to where we are now, the present, and it all starts over again ◡̈

Arleen Rivera - @arleenyy

To me, being intentional means having purpose. It means doing things that you hope will eventually have an effect or some type of impact. Whether it's something that you're passionate about or a simple work task, I always try to be real, transparent and motivating to have a positive outcome. Being intentional is so important because it forces you to be focused and fully commit.

Maria Vasquez - @clairel0ves

Actions speak louder than words and I believe feelings fuel those actions. Being intentional means having a good understanding of how you feel and pushing to change or share that feeling.

Right now, there is a lot going on in the world. I'd like to be more intentional about being considerate and mindful of what people are going through. It's not easy for anyone at the moment. I remind myself that society is going through something collectively and while we are trying to "return to normal," it's important to note that we are forever changed by this experience and the normal we once knew no longer exists.

Let's be intentional about embracing this newness, not beating ourselves up about how things used to be or what we're missing out on. Recognize your feelings, adjust accordingly, and act on them!

Kat Sircar - @katsircar

Being intentional to me means purposely doing my part to ensure that we leave the world in a better place for future generations. I am Indian American and sustainable practices are built into my culture - however in current times it's even more critical that we practice sustainable behaviors. For me, that means: switching to a mostly plant-based diet, promoting SLOW fashion and being mindful of my clothing/accessories purchases, and reducing my use of single use plastics. I'm a strong believer that all our little efforts can lead to BIG IMPACTS!

Susan Mensink - @wildd.foxx

What being intentional means to me is actively listening to others, myself and really thinking about the choices I’m making in my life. Living a life that's meaningful to me is valuable. My veggie garden, sustainability, friendships, self reflection etc it's what brings me joy and it helps me be more purposeful.

Alexa Vitug - @alexaraevitug

Being intentional for me means taking action to live a purposeful life. With everything I do I always try to do it with intent. I like to actively engage with my life and my relationships to keep them fresh and fun. I also try to establish a good connection from the start of my day. I fill it with my intentions and go after what I want to accomplish. Each day I start off asking myself, “how can I make this day great.” I actively try to have a good day every day.

Judy Lemon - @thethriftinglemon

Being intentional means becoming conscious of your choices. Whether that be in sustainability or in life in general, being intentional helps me stop and think about how my choices affect others and our planet

Mary Romero - @the_greengal

Being intentional is one of my souls purpose and tuning into my intentions brings me happiness. Through intention I am able to live a life I love and create space to save our planet.

Jasmine Ash - @girlthrifted

Being intentional means having the ability to see the results I want in the future that will make things better for myself and my life. Having an intentional focus is a way of thinking about my life that's committed, purposeful and deliberate. Being intentional means to me, being very clear up front with myself about what it is I want to achieve and working in small ways every day to achieve those goals! It means breaking down what are the most important things to me and focusing on committing to achieving those goals.

Arlene Beltran - @arlenebeltrannn

Being intentional for me is making time and space for things that I know are good for my soul and the world we live in.

Everything is so accessible in this day and age whether good or bad it can pull you many different ways. I work full time, am a graduate student and married so I try to be intentional about how I’m spending my free time and what I’m buying and creating. With clothes especially, I want things that are going to last me past a fashion trend or event. Lately, I really enjoy thrifting, sewing and repurposing old clothes and buying second hand.

I love supporting Latinx businesses and women owned businesses. I’m excited to collab with Woven Futures because not only is it Latina owned and sustainable - the designs are beautiful and there’s no better feeling than knowing that the artisans who create the products also receive a fair wage for their knowledge and work.

Harlee Johnson - @haarlss

Personally, being intentional means being mindful. I try to be intentional in everything I do by knowing how it will affect me, other people, and the environment around me

Cary Wall - @carywall

Being intentional, for me, entails taking small steps toward a bigger goal--whatever that goal may be is up to the individual. My overall conception of intentionality is to consider and appreciate my position in the world, and make small, yet conscious efforts to wield my privilege and resources to make a change. This involves a cycle of reflection, action, and forethought

Maybelline Perez - @mujxrdluna

Intentional to me is to live unapologetically and authentically by bringing my whole self to every space I enter while bringing light and uplifting others.