Jade Mint Scrunchie
Jade Mint Scrunchie
Jade Mint Scrunchie
Jade Mint Scrunchie
Jade Mint Scrunchie

Jade Mint Scrunchie

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Scrunchies are back for Spring in timeless colors. This time in a large style. 

Made out of organic cotton, our scrunchies are perfect accessories for any occasion. Their sturdy material and design keeps your hair up during any activity and never cause any headaches. Each scrunchie is woven by hand, dyed with plant-based dyes, and supports traditional weaving techniques in the highlands of Guatemala. 

Our Jade Scrunchie and Color is Inspired by the meticulous process of transforming rough minerals into beautiful jewels, this colors honors transformation among adversity and pressure. 


  • One size fits all
  • Comfortable and flexible band
  • Made with organic hand-spun cotton
  • Woven on a back-strap loom
  • Crafted by women weavers in Guatemala
  • Dyed with 20% Indigo and 80% Rue

Weaving Process

Artisans spend weeks weaving vegetable dyed threads on a back-strap loom until they become intricate textile pieces that are used to create your headbands. This traditional technique incorporates spinning organic cotton into threads, dying threads with a dip dye techniques, and weaving textiles on a back-strap loom by hand.

Creation Time

  • Dye Time: 74 hours 
  • Weaving Time: 55 hours 
  • Artisans Involved in the Process: 17