Papaya Woven Cosmetic Bag

Papaya Woven Cosmetic Bag

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Meet our Papaya Cosmetic Bag, a light-weight textile bag to fit all your essentials. This cosmetic bag is spacious, perfect for travel, and zips to secure all your items. We made this bag specifically to make carrying your makeup or other essentials with ease. Designed out of traditional Jaspe Textile, this piece pays homage to Guatemala’s vibrant textile culture and represents the wind and thunder through its arrow-like stripes.


  • 11" Length, 9.5" Height, 4-6" depth
  • Made out of organic cotton 
  • Dyed with Indigo and charcoal 
  • Handwoven on a back-strap loom

Creation Process

  • Jaspe Ikat: a traditional knotted tie dye technique traditional to San Juan, La Laguna 
  • Woven on a back-strap loom by 17 artisans 
  • Takes roughly 3 weeks to weave, dye, and make our bags