Atitlan Women Weaver’s Cooperative

This past summer we met Anita, the founder of Woman Weaver’s Atitlan. A cooperative made up of 25 Indigenous Maya Artisan women striving to create a change in their community. With many of the women being single mothers, the mission of the cooperative is to empower women weavers to be self-sustainable in their trade and have the ability to care for their families. This group of talented and passionate women hand-craft all our bracelets and source all the materials from plant- based dyes and organic cotton from the highlands of Guatemala.

When you purchase any of our bracelets, artisans get paid 100% upfront for their product, enabling them to increase their income, and lead better quality lives in Guatemala.


Sebastiana & Antonio

Sebastiana and her husband Antonio live in the highlands of Chichicastenango, Guatemala with their three young boys and baby girl. We first met Antonio in the Guatemala City Market, where he traveles 3-4 hours several times a week to sell his family’s woven products. With tourism low, Antonio and Sebastiana struggled to sell to city vendors and maintain an income for their family. It was then that we began partnering with Antonio and Sebastiana. Together, they work with three other artisans in their village to create our textile & huipil bags that we carry at Woven Futures.

When you buy one of our leather bags you are helping support Antonio and Sebastiana in their trade.



Meet Concepcion. She lives in Santa Catarina, Palopo. One of the villages surrounding Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. When we get to know Concepcion, we learned that she is a single mother to a seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. Weaving has been a vital part of Concepcion’s life since she was young, where her mother passed down the tradition to her. Now Concepcion sells her woven works such as blankets, purses, and small accessories to support her family. We quickly fell in love with Concepcion’s joy and passion for her trade. She embeds ancient symbols and designs from her Mayan roots into all her woven pieces. Each item has a unique story, pattern, and color scheme.

When you buy one of our blankets or accessory pieces you are helping preserve Concepcion’s family traditions and receiving a piece of culture in exchange.